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Parametric Design


Our easy to use configurator allows you to assemble waveguide elements as building blocks, and adapt their parameters to generate your desired design

Design in Context


If you are designing a complex system and need to design with other components, then you can simply import them as either STEP or STL format and the configurator will recognise relevant features such as waveguide windows, which you can then use as references for your design

Reverse Engineer from 3D Scans


Trying to make a waveguide to fit an existing assembly? Just 3D scan the interfaces and import them as an STL file into the configurator. You can then design a waveguide to precisely fit the gap in your assembly


The Genome secure online platform makes it easy to specify your custom waveguide 



Our proprietary automation system translates your inputs into production data



Metal Additive Manufacturing enables us to rapidly produce high quality waveguides


Simulation & functional testing verify and validate part performance

There is nothing worse than holding up your entire programme because of a missing part, especially when the implications can far outweigh the apparent significance of the part. In the case of waveguides and satellites this is especially true.

The problem is that there are normally no quick fixes - even if you use 3D Printing to produce the part, you will need to qualify the technology and perform engineering work to validate the solution, which can take many months.


This is where Genome is different. By qualifying waveguides as a family of parts, and by automating the process from specification to production, we are able to reduce the time and effort to source a custom waveguide dramatically. 

Contact us to find out more about how to use Genome to de-risk your production...


Or you could just keep your fingers firmly crossed...

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Because hope isn't a strategy...
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